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Just got notice that the race compound shoes are at the P.O. I'll pick them up tomorrow.
So for those that expressed an interest in them ( I have your emails) I'll be requesting either your brake drum ID measurement (within at least .005" accuracy), or...I'll use the OEM drum measurement which I've found to be within about .010" for just about every used, unturned hub I've ever seen.

Although I like measurements taken to .005"...the basic fact is... on an 8" honda brake .010" represents about .0125% of the total it's not a big deal....within a couple dozen laps it would bed in as good as brake that was done to perfection.

I'll can put a slight chamfer on the leading edges...or leave that up to the customers preference. I don't want to get into backcutting the leading edge for customers until I pin down the exact position that is ideal. For those wanting the absolutely most aggressive setup that can be had with this particular compound I can leave the shoes uncut and they can decide where to backcut it themselves (can be done with a hacksaw).

Right now the list is:
TT, LoneWolf, Beth and Murray ( and the set I owe Matt). So I should have five sets left I think.

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