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350 two cam chain etal

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So I have this THracing cam chain tensioner gizmo.. I plan on putting it in between now and summit..talking to Scott on the 12 HOUR ride home we came to the conclusion that while I have it apart I might want to do the rings and that I will need a new cam chain since the one I have stock does not break anywhere. Joe C., Tex and anyone else that has opened these things up... what do suggest and where do I get it ? I was going to call westernhills and order some OEM stuff but wanted to know if you had a better idea...

Thanks from FoamHenge.

J "not that" D
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tsubaki cb750 chain is what you want. any place can get it. riverside, or weymouth honda. definitely replace the chain if youre going in. if you need rings, let me know. i have an extra set of 1mm over honda rings for stock pistons ill trade you for beer money at summit or something. you might need to open up that cam chain tunnel a bit to get the slipper to fit. youll have to split the cases to get the chain off cuz youll have to pull the crank to do it. so youll be tearing down the entire motor pretty much. its a pretty big job and since you dont know what youre doing, id suggest pulling apart a junker first, ask questions, then do the real thing. id wait til next year since the bike seeems to run good. id sort that carb gas problem. you definitely have a fucked up float or float valve. i dont know why itd be fucked up from lying on its side for 10 hours....but theres definitely something wrong there. that will probably be enough to keep you busy til summit.
mike os partly right too......

the endless tsubaki is about 30 bucks. and its the right length and you wont have to worry about getting it together right. just install it. someone here did list the size pitch etc of that chain though. like mike said, nows not the time to be pulling apart your motor. install the pvl, fix yer gas issue, and go. installing the pvl will be enough of a challange, especially if youre using the block off plate at the crank end. (unless you have it already) that thing is a real pain to machine if your having one made. not that you need it. id say your doing fine, its running good, wait and learn a little more before you totally dig in. you dont want to be runing around at the last minute before summit becasue you just decided to "fix" something.

evils rght, if youre running the thing wot, its not gonna matter too much if the float height is wrong. but definitely fix it.

glad you guys made it down.

scott, i have a pic of you at foam henge to send ya still.

wisdom from the greta mike o. and johnny, to think you dont know who this guy is.....

see you at summit.

chris, make sure you save one of those plates for me. im going to need one!

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