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360 vs 180 engine

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On a twin if the pistons go up and down the same time is that a 180 or 360 engine?

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I think the only Honda bigger twins that were 360 crank are the 305's designated as "CP". These were the police specials. Joe, I think you have one. But I think all of the 350's were 180 cranks (I could be wrong but I wouldn't bet on it).

BTW I rode the Triumph to work today. Its going to get up to 75 by mid day. It hasn't rained in 50 some odd days. I don't even really have any rain gear out here.

Mike O.
I don't know why Honda made 360 deg off set cranks on some models and not others but one difference is that a 360 deg crank engine lends itself to tuned merged exhaust pipes. According to Todd you can't really get any advantage with a 180 deg crank engine by merging (2 into 1) the exhaust pipes but you can with a 360 deg engine. I'm not an expert but it does seem to me that making use of the exhaust pulses from one cyl to favorably influence the other cyl would almost demand that they be on the same timing between the pulses. If that makes any sense to anyone please let me know. I'm wondering if I have any idea of what's being talked about or whether the Pacifica Clara I'm drinking right now is working.

Mike O
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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