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no slash cut, bad for motor, bad for ears, bad for heat under bike, bad to the bone but bad living with .Bad to start up and go for a ride ,bad to come home late,bad ..I mean good ,for attracting police officers.bad for sparks and fires.

Just silly,proper exhaust sounds good to the soul!
And high heat white no wrap .the white exhaust with all the flat black you have going on will look good.get googles and a cup/style wire wheel for yout grinder and get some tooth on your old fourinto one then hang them up and shoot them with high heat white header paint in light coats let dry dont get all rushy ,light coat wait wait another light coat wait wait another light coat and use gloves not your bare hands hanging them so oils from your hands dont get on the thin layers of paint start it up let it cook alittle and shut it down cool and fire it up again burn off the fumes.touch up with a light dusting as needed and bamm you got cool sounding and cool looking pipes.

Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first.

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