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joe c. your really wrong on the weight estimates. in preparing my 1998 derbi gpr i removed lots of stuff, put it in a box, and weighed everything. i figured i removed 23lbs (like aaron said, new peanut tank installed under the luggage bonnet running straight premix, got rid of the subframe, passenger pillion, starter, battery, and any unneccessary bulls***). then when samara talkin and i were up at nhis i took her reiju (which had the big bore) but had the majority of street stuff still on it, over to the scales garage, it weighed in at 199lbs. my derbi, minus the 23lbs weighed 203lbs. so i figure box stock the derbi weighs 226lbs. but the deal isn't for derbis it's for reijus, so some insight on the reijus (and if any of you want to pick my brain on derbis, just ask).

the reiju is equipped with the yamaha/minnerelli am-6 motor. this is the same motor in aprilia rs-50's. it like most stock 50cc bikes blows hard without the bigbore kit. however there are lots of cool/trick aftermarket stuff that you can get for it, unfortunately, cosmo doesn't have any more kits in stock, but these can be had in the states without going to the u.k. or spain for product. lance weil and i built a full-tilt boogie reiju with all the go-fast goodies. full round crank, ported/polished 80cc kit (not the 73cc), digital pvl ignition, krd pipe (krd stands for kunda racing division, kunda is a subsidiary of reiju, and the krd stuff is their top-of-line), and 24mm delorto carb (round slide, forget model). were trying to make new downdraft intake so we cold fit a 26mm flatslide (there is a piece of cross frame bracing that interfeers, but we never finished. this bike was tested at pocono and was clocked just over 100m.p.h.

now before anyone says b.s.! i will admit that radar guns are subject to false readings, however, mike himmelsbach, who was test riding was lapping consistantly expert riders on r6, gsxr's, cbr's, etc.....
he was duly impressed with our creation.

the basic kit, 73cc big bore (complete), 21mm delorto, racing pipe and stinger will run $700-$850.00 u.s.d.

the biggest challenge i think you'll have is finding tires to fit the wm1 front rim. the rear can run an avon 90/90 front tyre (backwards of course). now the stock tires aren't junk. they are pirelli mt75's i think, i have also seen them metzler shod but don't know the specific tire. we, at team pro-motion, ran a reiju rs-1 10 round series with a fleet of 13 that we leased from cosmo, and never had tire issues. if one was interested they could contact team calamari in california for tire options (they build derbis and ysr's and i believe can source slicks etc in 16").

if you know how to ride a two-stroke (i'm still learning), and don't engine brake into corners (guilty, half a dozen times) the cranks are solid, and these little beauties can be a great inexpensive foray into racing, a cheap second bike/class to run, and a cool pit bike to run about with at the track.

i have kept up for a few laps with mary before (but she is way to smooth, and i'm not) on my modified derbi gpr 73cc.

jesus, don't i feel like the big brain. guess i've been reading to much johnny b lately in technical.

hope this helps any/all. this really started as a way for me to tell joe c that he was wrong.

wrong! wrong! wrong! wrong! wrong! wrong! wrong! wrong! wrong! wrong!

positively, bored of vacation that is,


zach, what the hell do you mean that "it was hooked on something?"
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