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64 Norton Drag bike

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For Sale: 1964 Norton Converted Drag bike, also known as the Hog-eater
750 cc, ported and polished heads, internal reciprocating parts, drag cam, blueprinted and balanced (B&G) and custom pipes, 18 inch avon slicks, featherbed frame, dual methonal fuel chambers, custom pipes total weight 405 lbs. Look at all the shiny chrome, we dipped everything we possibly could. I guarantee you will never see anything like it anywhere.

All serious offers will be considered, if you just want to talk about it further, go ahead and contact me.
8,000 obo

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the thing with this drag bike is that you have to warm up the tires and by giving it a short burst and then take off there are no back stablizers and no brakes, it doesn't have problems with having such a little wheen back, it's built for about 5'5' to 5'10 about 165 lbs, .

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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