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71 cl100 hopefully 2-stroke soon

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I recently picked up a 71 honda CL100, from I guy I work with. The bike looks like hell but was only 40 bucks. I want to build a cafe racer with it and I was thinking of going 2-stroke. I want to get either a cr125 or cr250 dirt bike engine. It will mostly depend on what will fit and what i can find. My questions were is there an immediate problem with this idea, and how does one power a head light with a dirt bike engine.
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Don't want to discourage you...but I think that swap would be a tremendous pain in the butt. The CL100 has a single downtube frame that ends at the engine, the CR's use a cradle frame...the geometery of the engine space in the frames are totally different.
Only feasible way I could see to do it short of having a machine shop is to get a CR frame and cut out the section of frame that mounts the engine and graft it into the CL frame.
Might be easier to convert a CR125 into a Cafe.

The upside is....if you are going where I think you are one bad ass little 2 stroke 125cc Cafe bike that you could sneak past the authorities using the CL frame numbers for registration and such. With the proper work you could have a 120mph CL100 :).

If I had a ton of spare time and a lot of tools (I do have the tools)...yeah I guess maybe I would give that a try. You'd want to update numerous suspension components on that CL frame to handle the HP and speed of the CR engine.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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