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Mods: this should probably be in "technical" forum please feel free to cover my mistake and move itas you see fit...

Got the (sticking advancer) idea while writing reply to my other thread.,I sprayed it with wd 40 and ran it out on an empty backroad. it still breaks up at 7,000 rpm. I changed my grip and make sure the throttle is top, it breaks up pretty bad, BUT if I back off slightly I pick up a few more rpm(by stock tach and ear)back home the brand new plug electrode( the bent one ) is light gray.I figure the main jet is too lean. Here's the specs: carbs: stock original keihins,
air filters: uni foam sock hangin nekkid in the breeze.
pipes: stock cl high pipes, muffler cut off at the muffler , jc whitney internal baffle installed in each straight pie,6" chrome straight extenstions to trim whitney baffle and hacksawed original pipes.
Do you guys have any jetting recommendations ?What do you run with open pipes and pod filters?

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Ace...stock main jets should be around 98. With you mods you might want to go up to about 100..wouldn't think any higher. Try raising the needle ( lower the clip) one notch and see what it does.

Before doing any jetting work you really need to go through the ignition and carbs to make sure everything is right. New points, new condensor (condensor can really screw things up), make sure the carbs are nice and clean.
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