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72 CL350 fuel delivery/carb issue.

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I have this 72 CB 350 that I bought at the beginning of summer. Compression on both cylinders is around 170. Points are set properly. I’m having some type of fuel delivery/carburetor issue. I put on brand new petcock, new in-line fuel filters and cleaned the carbs. When I turn the fuel on I only get a trickle in one of the fuel filters coming from the dual lines in the petcock. I was under the assumption that the carbs create a vacuum and will pull fuel into the float bowls but I think I'm wrong. When I ride the bike I hear a very weird sputter that comes from the left side. It’s almost like a sucking sound coming from the left pod. After the bike has been running for a while the idle hangs when I blip the throttle and I’m assuming it’s not getting enough fuel. What are my options here? What do I need to do to fix this?
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I unfortunately bought the bike with the pods. Ill try to remove the fuel filters and run straight lines to the carbs but I don't thinks that's the problem. When i run the straight lines i'll loosen the float bowls drains and see if we have any fuel in there.
Thanks for the replies!
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ok, so I didn't have time to drop the bowls and check fuel flow but I did remove the fuel lines from the petcock and its flowing from both sides and shuts off securely. I'm kinda thinking the droopy fuel lines and inline filters may be the cause of my issue. Here's a pic of my fuel lines. For some reason the filters are pretty full of fuel. They were not like they yesterday when I was running the bike.
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Ok, so I pulled the bowls with the original fuel lines and I was getting fuel on both sides. When I raised the floats fuel stopped so I think that is all good. I put on straight clear fuel lines anyway just to make sure fuel was flowing properly. When I fired up the bike I'm having the same issue. The bike seems to run better with the choke on. Im assuming the carb/jets are not getting enough fuel. Right? I also checked the mixture screws, just out of curiosity, and they were both at almost 1.5 turns out. What should I try next? The bike was not warmed up, but as it was running I sprayed some carb cleaner on the boots and those seem ok as well.
OK, so I’m trying again to clean these carbs. And I thought I would add this little bit of information to this thread. The jets that are on there are size 38. Are these the right size jets for these stupid pods?
I haven't had much garage time this week but I was able to pull off the carb and clean everything again. I double checked the float heights too. I put everything back on and semi synced up the carbs and the bike seems to idle way better, although the idle does seem to hang just a little. I still get a little sucking from the Pod but I haven't tried messing with the mixture screws. Later this week my friend is giving me side covers and the stock air boxes from an old CB. Once I pop those on I'll try to do and mess with the mixture screw.
One other thing, I tried to sync the carbs turning out the throttle cable barrel adjusted until the idle set screw starts to move but I can only do that on one side. The other side doesn't want to work that way so I've been adjusting both sides until the both actuate at the same time.
Today I had a chance to play around with the idle mixture screws and the right side seems to be running smoothly but I can't get the right side to run on one cylinder. It will run with the throttle wide open but it's kinda rough. I also tried to run it on choke to see if it ran better or worse. It ran the same with the choke on and off. Im thinking a can rule out carb issues and maybe look as spark/ignition coin. Whats my next step? Im thinking I should try to run the right side wire on the left to see if it runs better.
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