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74 TX650
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I bought this 74 TX650 about 12 months ago as a non goer. It was missing a few bits and looked like it had been parked in the ocean, aluminium was badly pitted and oxidised and steel fittings completely rusted out. At some stage the chain must have come off, a piece was ripped off the top of the top crankcase and the shifter drum bearing housing ground off.

I've done a lot of work on it over the 12months, bought second hand cases, new cam chain and guides, rebore, new pistons , rings and gudgeons, gaskets, seals, stainless fasteners, auto advance unit, plus a heap more parts. Blasted and painted the cases and stuck the motor back together.

I've made a few mods and made a heap of custom parts for it: PMA conversion, single points conversion, ported, remote oil filter and cooler, exhaust pipes and brackets, headlight brackets. Some of the parts I've machined up: Handlebar risers, cable splitter, PMA mounting plate, ally battery box, hand beaten side covers, single seat with cowl, tail light, positive stop nuts, oil filter housing, ally engine mounts and so on.

I do everything myself: Paint, electrical, mechanical, machining, metal polishing, welding, tin work, upholstery, anodising and so on.

This is a project to keep me busy till the end of life, I can never ride it as I have chronic psoriatic arthritis, so fingers have been fused, joints replaced and so on, making for a few limitations and slow progress. With these hands everything takes ten times longer. Luckily, my wife is a good sport, she uses the hammer for me as I can't bash stuff anymore. She also sweeps the floor, cleans my lathe and mill, but shush, she doesn't know I can still do that.


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