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The powers that be, have decided that my Honda CB550-4 has gotta go. It's fairly complete, atleast enough to get it thru a C.H.P. inspection and get the paperwork ( title says " SALVAGED " ). It's pretty much a stock CB550, with a early CB750 tank, CB400 gauges and a seat with a homemade seat cover ( it looks homemade, too ) Actualy, the seat cover looked good with the proper fuel tank, the 750 tank I used is longer. It just needs someone to correct a few details, like my rattle-can paint job and poor wiring. Put about 300 miles on it since getting it this far. Make me an offer, who knows. My motto is " sell at a loss, then make it up in volume "

pics are at :

It is located about 25 miles south of Eureka, CA. just off hi-way 101 in Rio Dell. Thanks for your time.

[email protected]

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