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'75 Honda CB200 in central IL. Ready to ride, clean title.

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Here we have a very nice '75 Honda CB200 twin. It's in very good condition and it's running and ready to ride. I just pulled it into the shop and gave it a good going over. It has a fresh oil change, valve adjust, cam chain adjust, ignition points cleaning & timing adjustment, new spark plugs, fresh gas in the tank with a rebuilt petcock, cleaned carbs.
The bike fires right up and runs/rides great. I haven't ridden it around much but everything seems to be in order. The clutch and brakes work properly, the gearbox shifts nicely through all gears, the lights work. The turn signals light up but don't flash. Probably just the flasher unit. The electric start doesn't work because the button on the handlebar is broken, but it's quite easy to kickstart the little twin and a new switch would fix the starter right up.
The only thing that I can see that isn't original is the mufflers. These are from a different bike but they work alright. The paint and chrome are both in good shape. Not show quality but on the upper end of what's usually seen on original bikes of this age.
Clean Indiana title in hand. Just under 8,000 miles showing. $1,200 takes it. I'd be happy to provide any additional info or photos. Just shoot me a PM here. The bike is located in central Illinois, near Champaign. I can possibly help deliver, too. Thanks for looking.
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Top man that looks fairly clean. I had a little 200 once, great bike for short sunday rides and have a really nice tank shape. It seems to be the bike of choice for the wall of death riders also.
I remember the cable operated disc brake being scary as fook.
Thanks. The cable disc isn't the best brake ever, that's for sure.
Bump for lower price. $1200.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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