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Brakes are a good thing on a motorcycle..

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Clubmans and no front brake.... Where's Geeto? I'm sure he'd have a good comment.

Like this is very Harley-esce.... Form over Function.
You'd be killed on that thing the first time you had to do a quick stop because some bonehead pulled out in front of you.

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Jeez, you guys are a hard bunch! I have only put about 28 miles on this bike around town, I have the front brake assembly that goes with the sale of bike, I just left it off for a photo shoot (for shock value), by the time it gets re listed, it will have the front brake assembly on (Brembo) and finished registration process. Come on now I am not stupid, I have been riding since I was 8 years old, I know the importance of brakes! If anyone is interested in this bike please let me know. Here is the details:

1977 CB 550K for sale

Here is what my version of a Café bike should be… All go!! This bike is a blast to ride and people will not stop talking to you about it when you ride it, it is like a magnet! I started with a 1977 CB 550, took everything apart, chopped the back of the frame off behind the solo seat and custom built the back part to house all the electric’s and battery. You can barely see any wiring on this bike, it starts with a turn of the key, hidden under the tank (or you can “kick it” old school), the headlight is wired to be on at all times, there is no turn signals, horn or switches on the handle bars. The choke was relocated to the other side under the tank. This bike has no fenders or chain guard, but there is a working speedo that lights up for night! Custom installed a oil pressure gauge to monitor pressure(installed on left side case) This bike was completely torn down and the frame, swing arm, triple trees and a bunch of brackets were powder coated red. The front forks and headlight bucket were painted red to match. The gas tank knee pockets were hand formed, smoothed out, then a truck bed liner company “Line-X” sprayed each knee pocket, the stock emblems were removed and the indents left behind were first leaded in then a body filler was applied, I painted the tank with Alsa’s ghost chrome paint, then sanded it before the clear to make it look like aluminum, the I sprayed the panels with the Honda logo in the same matching red and a flat black. The tank was also sealed on the inside with a sealer. The tail section is a Ducati 900SS replica in fiberglass. The seat was upholstered in black suede with red stitching in a diamond pattern. The motor ran perfect, did not smoke or leak when I bought the bike, so I decided not to mess with it. I pulled all the outer aluminum covers and had them professionally polished and I reinstalled them with all new seals and stainless hardware. I had a shop rebuild and sync the carbs with a kit from Honda (it was a complete tear down and rebuild of them, all seals top to bottom, all of the fuel rail o rings, new needles and re jetted for the pod filters and open exhaust at a cost of $700 for the parts and labor). The whole motor was masked, degreased, scuffed and painted a high temp aluminum silver color, before all the new seals and polished pieces were installed back on. The bike cranks over and starts quick from cold, just a tap to start it with the key or 1 kick! The wiring is a completely modified stock harness, all connections were soldered with heat shrink tubing over them. It has been stripped of all unused wires and new wires were ran where needed into a very neat and compact harness throughout the bike. I had the cables (throttle & clutch) shortened to fit the bike better, because of the clubman bars, the stock cables would have been way too long. I custom made a single gauge mount for the speedo (you can also switch it out to the tach if you want). I made a custom set of headlight mounts to hold the Bates headlight and powder coated them red too. The rims have no rust at all and have stainless spokes installed.

Here is a list of brand new stuff on the bike:

Front tire

Clubman bars

Bates headlight


clutch lever

Super Sixties grips

Steering head races, bearings, cups, washer and seal (OEM Honda)

Swing arm bearings and seals (NOS Honda)


All outer seals in motor (OEM Honda)

New carb rebuild kit with new needles (OEM Honda)

Gas cap seal

shifter rubber

Stainless steel hardware

Dyna electronic ignition

1-K&N filters

Oil filter (K&N)

Oil pressure gauge

Battery strap (NOS Honda)

This bike needs nothing, just to be ridden.

The only thing I did not do to make this a 100% custom restoration: Un lace the wheels and have the hubs polished or powder coated New rear spokes (they have a little discoloration from something spilling on them) New back tire (the tire on it has about 75% life left) Take the motor apart and rebuild it (I didn’t opt to do this because this motor had great compression and runs great, so there was no reason for a rebuild) Install new seals in the front forks (I have brand new seals for new owner, just need to install them, forks are not leaking at all right now though)

Also included in this auction will be

1. the complete front brake set up

2. new front fork seals

3. stock tachometer

4. muffler baffle (to quite her down if you want)

I built this bike for the sole purpose of selling it. It turned out so nice, I now do not want to sell it, but I have 6 other bikes in the garage so I have to part with it. I paid the registration fees on this bike and have done all the paperwork for the registration and pink slip, I got the licence plate, then the DMV sent back the paperwork telling me I have to bring the bike to the CHP for vin verification, I deal with AAA auto club, and they did the vin verification for me, but because the bike was out of the DMV's system, they kicked it back to the CHP to verify the vin #. You will have to register this bike in your name as soon as you purchase it and go threw the same steps I am, so I was not going to waist my time bringing it to the CHP. I paid all the fees, that was the important part, and I got it back in the system and verified this bike was not stolen or a salvage, it has a clean title!

You are responsible for pick up within 7 days and paid in full. I can deliver, depending on how far , for a small fee.

I will be building more like this and selling them also, check this site for progress on others--->

77 Cb 550
76 Cb 550
73 Cb 350
66 Cb 160
79 Cb 650
79 Cb 759
99 Ducati Monster 900
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