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Hey all, recently got my hands on a Honda cb400t. I'm completely new to motorcycles, parts, and building. I've come to this forum to get the basics and possibly develop my skills along the way. The bike was in pretty rough shape when i got it and I've just been doing research on parts and reading through the mechanic manual in my free time. :confused:
There are a few things I should note before the pictures.
-The carbs were "rebuilt" and I have them and have to install them.
-No battery yet and the electrical wiring is very sloppy and all over.
-Airbox is messed up and I've been reading up on airpods but everyone says to keep the box, so I'm conflicted.

I would love some input and maybe for someone to go over the pictures I post and label anything they see that might be off. I just want to get the bike able to start, but I'm pretty stuck lol.

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