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Hello all,

My bike is a 79 CB750f. Was a basket case when I bought it (as some of you know). Now I'm too the point where I just need spark and all should be good. However, since the factory spark units were toast, and the oem coils were cracked, I thought I should just do the GM ignition swap as per the thread in the above link. I'm still not getting any spark, but everything looks good to me.

Here are the readings I'm getting:

As per the p/u unit test in the manual I'm getting 0.53-0.55 ohm (meter at 20k)
Blue at the module to ground 2.5 @ 20k
black on module to ground 12v
black at coil to ground 12v
primary coil 0.8 @ 200
secondary 5.85 @ 20k
Yellow on module to yellow at coil 2.5 @ 200
blue on module to blue at coil 2.5 @ 200

I checked the ignition switch and run/kill switch and everything looks fine. The bike turns over like a mutha! I have double checked all connections and even checked the harness itself.

The plugs are new and the wires are new Accel 8.8's.

Any ideas? Any other tests I should do? I have not yet tested the charging system as the bike is not running.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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