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103 Posts course you can turn your twin star into a cafe racer star! With imagination and enthusiasm, any bike can become a cafe racer.
I would suggest club man bars, the easiest way, later on you can switch to clip ons if you want. You can re-shape your stock seat, and, get some good tires.
Paint job helps, I like black wheels, looks more racy and sporty.If you have a pix of your bike, I could tell you my feeling. Any bike can be made a cafe racer, do not feel discouraged at all.
Congratulations for your enthusiasm, and, yes, that bike would make a nice cafe racer. If CB bikes from the seventies can turn into incredible machines, yours too, thumbs up!!!

I just came in to add a picture, check this out, is this one your bike???

This is a cool bike, excelent material for a Cafe Racer. Yours is not different from this one, a 400....basicly same shape, although this one already has club man bars, and a reshaped seat. You can re shape your seat, add clubman bars...and you will be on your way!!!:)

It would make a cool Cafe racer...that is for sure!!!

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