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82' CB900F Super Sport

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Considering selling my 82' CB900F. I really don't want to because the bike is amazing and I absolutely love riding it. But life does not always care about what we want. Just figure I'll see if there is any interest in the Inland NW area

$3000 o.b.o

In Lewiston Idaho

approx 12k miles
V&H 4 into 1 exhaust
DynaJetted and carbs synced
rims and brakes (hyd front and rear) from a 2003 ZX9
clutch replaced less within the last 2k miles
Battery tender
Starts easy, runs smooth and sounds better than any new sport bike ever
It's my daily ride but needs a new Chain 9 I may end up replacing it myself before selling it)

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damn. That's a screaming deal.
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