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82 Honda 750 Magna

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I'm new to the cafe racer scene; Just wondering if a 1982 Honda 750 Magna was a good bike to convert to a cafe racer?? I've look around the internet and have found very few 80's bikes converted to cafe racers none were 750's or Magna's. Give me some insight...
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with a little parts bin engineering, I think you could make a nice bike out of a Magna. Swap a 750 Interceptor front end on it and a V65 Sabre rear wheel on there with some work to the rear fender/tail light area blended into a Corbin gunfighter seat with a VF750 Sabre tank and you might have a nice bike. Try the CB700SC Nighthawk shocks, they are longer with better damping and springs. It isn't cafe, but I saw a magna with 4 upturned pipes exiting by the rear axle that looked pretty cool, too.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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