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82' Suziki Gn400 kick lever

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Howdy every1, currently in the process of rebuilding this 82' Suziki Gn400T. Got it running with not battery seems like wiring is good for exception of possible bad ground.

But gentleman had the wrong kick start lever on there and had broke the original.

Does any1 know where I can source on or possible an after market fit or even have one they can part with??

Its course spline (16) I believe not sure of the diameter need to go find my caliper and measure it
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Scrap yard.
There has to be at least 10 times as many motorcycle scrap yards in the USA as there is here and I have 2 of them within reasonable driving distance. Take the bike and be ready to test fit what you find. It will end up being about a 20$ part or you are getting ripped off.
... Got it running with not battery ...
Your bike has 2 coils, one for ignition and a second one dedicated to lighting (& to barely charge the 6 volt battery)
engine running means the primary ignition coil is good along with everything else to the spark plug.
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