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I bought this van about a year and a half ago because I was in a band and we thought we'd travel with it. Turns out we only took it to Boston a few times for shows, and the band broke up almost a year ago. I've barely driven it since then, and even less over the past 5 or 6 months. It had 130K miles (or so) on it when I got it, although the guy at the dealership I bought it from said he thought the engine had been replaced at some point. Who knows? It runs like a champ, with a few minor issues: Some of the lights inside don't work. It's probably just the bulbs; I haven't bothered to check. The passenger's side automatic window hasn't worked since I bought it, and just a couple weeks ago, the driver's side stopped. Since it seemed to happen abruptly, could this be a fuse? I don't know. So, I paid around $4400 for it. I'd like to get around $4000 for it, but will go lower if I have to.
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