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A Barn bike

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While talking bikes with a couple of new local customers the subject of vintage bikes comes up, then racing, then Ducati...then I hear. Jeez, I've got this old Ducati 350 single that's been in my barn for years. I just want to get rid of it. He tells me how dirty and old it is...mentions the alloy rims are still nice. I say, hey, I'm used to that, I've dug lots of old messed up bikes out of barns...maybe I'll take off your's my phone number. Give me a call if you want to get rid of it.
On the way out he mentions again, I'll probably give you a call about the bike. I'm like no problem, I've got no projects this winter.
Wonder what it is. He's a relative of an employee so I can get in touch if I have to. Don't want to seem too eager though.
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Yeah I figure at the latest....sometime after the new year if he hasn't called me I'll get his cousin to give me his number...I'll call and ask if I can come over and look at the bike, I'll bring some cash.
At this point I give it about a 25% chance of happening if I don't call him at some point.
The guy knows bikes a bit...he's restored a triumph...but I think he feels the Duc is worthless because of it's condition. But he's a youngun...early 20's, so he's not really into old bikes that much. The Trumpet was his fathers.

I'm hoping for about a 1968 350 Mark D.
Wow, you lucked out. I have a friend that works for NY State Police in the very type of inspection facility you speak of, this one in Albany NY. I went there a few years ago to have my home built trailer inspected for a title. The guys in the place are armed, sometimes wearing vests, the whole deal. Guys with corvettes and such lined up outside. He said sometimes when you tell someone their vehicle is stolen things get pretty tense.

Sweet deal for you, the bike probably hasn't been ridden or titled or anything since it was stolen who knows how long ago.
Yeah at this point, since I'm not a Ducati nut I'm not going to spend a ton on something that will cost me a ton to fix. The guys cousin reiterated that he thought the guy just wants a couple of hundred. Yeah I'll pay that for a wide case mark D pretty much regardless of condition. Just because I know I can turn it over for more.

I got the guys number now, so I just have to find the time to call him and take a look at it. I'd like to have a Ducati race bike, but it's got to be something that fun to ride with a close to stock engine. I don't have the time, motivation or money to dig into a new breed the way I've dug into the Hondas.
Although I'm guessing with the Duc that many people have been there before me and I can just do it by the numbers.

Trying to quit smoking this no stress, no work, no distractions allowed....I need to focus.
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