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A Barn bike

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While talking bikes with a couple of new local customers the subject of vintage bikes comes up, then racing, then Ducati...then I hear. Jeez, I've got this old Ducati 350 single that's been in my barn for years. I just want to get rid of it. He tells me how dirty and old it is...mentions the alloy rims are still nice. I say, hey, I'm used to that, I've dug lots of old messed up bikes out of barns...maybe I'll take off your's my phone number. Give me a call if you want to get rid of it.
On the way out he mentions again, I'll probably give you a call about the bike. I'm like no problem, I've got no projects this winter.
Wonder what it is. He's a relative of an employee so I can get in touch if I have to. Don't want to seem too eager though.
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This was sitting in a lawnmower shop next door to a customer, in this condition (I replaced the pipes). Saw it through an open door & wandered in to take a look & bullshit with the owner - I'd owned a '76 cb750f years ago & it brought back memories. The guy had bought it from a friend of his & now it was just taking up too much space. Mine for $300. Granted it's not a pre-unit Bonneville, or a sweet old Ducati single, but nice for the price & with a new battery, it ran like a top. Of course it was "stolen" when I bought it, but that's another story.

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
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Guy offered me the bike for $300, with 4000 mi showing on the odometer. I arranged to pick it up 3 or 4 days later, at which time I was informed that he didn't have a title. His story was that his buddy had gotten it from a towing co auction - believable, since there was a lot # painted on the seat. It was a bit of a drive & having packed up kids, wife & trailer, I decided to take it anyway. If there was a problem, I was only out $300. Titling it required an inspection by State Police, so I contacted them & brought it to the State police post. After a 15 min investigation, I was ushered into a back room, so state trooper could "explain this paperwork" to me. Turns out it was stolen, and the police were very interested in how I came to posess it (never occurred to me the police would think I stole it). It was confiscated & turned over to the appropriate jurisdiction, and I was driven home in a police cruiser. Three weeks later I got a phone call from state trooper, informing me that the individual who had filed the stolen vehical report could not be found, and to save the neighboring county sherriff the trouble of "disposing" of the bike, Trooper offered to let he who had lost the $300 have it. So I got it back, with title paperwork all filled out - mine free & clear with a good lesson learnt.
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