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A Barn bike

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While talking bikes with a couple of new local customers the subject of vintage bikes comes up, then racing, then Ducati...then I hear. Jeez, I've got this old Ducati 350 single that's been in my barn for years. I just want to get rid of it. He tells me how dirty and old it is...mentions the alloy rims are still nice. I say, hey, I'm used to that, I've dug lots of old messed up bikes out of barns...maybe I'll take off your's my phone number. Give me a call if you want to get rid of it.
On the way out he mentions again, I'll probably give you a call about the bike. I'm like no problem, I've got no projects this winter.
Wonder what it is. He's a relative of an employee so I can get in touch if I have to. Don't want to seem too eager though.
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Thats a great find! Like Geeto said, show up with cash and a trailer. Don't worry about looking aniouxs. I expect the guy has an idea of the value as he knew about alloy rims.

I have a sign on my shop door--"I buy 1972 and older motorcycles". So far it has generated only a 1980 Honda Cm400 that I didn't buy due to no paperwork, and a Honda s65 that I did buy, but got flooded the day after I put it in the basement, another story. Someday someone will say "I see your sign, I have this old bike in the barn- its yours if you just take it away". It will be a complete original 1955 triumph. Yeah, in my dreams.

Lets hear the other story about stolen.
Good thing it worked out for you! The title thing is one reason I only want to buy 1972 or older bikes (unless they have the offical title)---NY didn't require the title until 73 and it is pretty easy to get a transferable registration for a bike older than that if you need it. My ducati hadn't been registered since 1970, when a friend of mine bought it to ride in the fields. I went to DMV with the required forms and paperwork and walked out with a license plate. Two months later I got the transferable reg.

Another weird thing, I was going to buy a Rieju that had been liccensed in Maine. After going thru a bunch of hoops and hours on hold to the state DMV I was informed that, for a reason no one seemed to know, that bike could not be titled for use on roads in NY. What is the difference between a NY road and a ME road??
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I ended up buying a coule MB5's. The good one won't see the road anyway (total race setup)so maybe I should have just got the Rieju. Too late now race bike budget is used up between the CB and MB5 and new boots. I will keep the registration offers in mind in case something else comes up.

Johnny B--if the Ducati in the Barn is not exotic enough, give me the guys number please.
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