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Ok this posting is not quite what your thinking the title is relating too.

We have all heard the stories about a hot looking girl getting a pass from a speeding ticket. I am beginning to believe that that also works for a nice looking bike.

NYS troopers do not have a reputation for letting anyone off any kind of violation. I've been pulled over several times in the last few years that resulted in no ticket.

My first pull-over was due to the bike not being registered. In NY all bike registrations are renewed in April - I didn't know that as I had registered my bike in the previous summer and with the tag on the plate lead me to believe the registrations was still good until July.

My last pull-over was this pass weekend where I was clocked well over 80. I ended up with no speeding ticket but did get an equipment violation for a faulty speedo which only needed to get an inspection station to verify the it's correction. I claimed the speedo cable was bad and had been replaced.

Now I know I was/am extremely lucky for not getting a ticket - but in both cases the officers really like my bike. Since I'm an ugly old fat guy - I wasn't let off due to any thing I had going on. I figure my bike would be ticket invincible if I was a hot chick riding my bike.

Last note - I did thank Jesus both times...
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