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A quick question for the Supertrapp users

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I know most of you run the solid style end-cap
(like so)

has anyone used the reverse cone style?
(like so)

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I can't contribute as much to this as JohnnyB but have used both end caps- on diffrent bikes. Both my Hondas use the closed end caps. Running a more open pipe made them lean out hugely at WOT and if you jetted up to try and match it the plugs would get soaked everywhere else. And they were ear piercing loud, not the good MotoGP loud.
My BMW sidecar is using a 2-1,Branson meg, and the open end cap with about 6 disks. The dimensions for the complete system were given to me by the guy who built the Butler and Smith R90S superbikes. Due to whatever combustion chamber shape BMW uses running them pretty much open seems to make good power and isn't as loud as my CB350 was.
Zacks dads BMW solo bike was alot louder than my solo bike was but maybe it had to do with his reworked heads vs. my stock heads. And it seemed his throttle could open further than mine:)
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