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A quick question for the Supertrapp users

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I know most of you run the solid style end-cap
(like so)

has anyone used the reverse cone style?
(like so)

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Really? I'd think any restriction around there would have seriously detrimental effects on the engine's ability to evacuate heat.

I once stuffed a pair of unwrapped 4" baffles into the tops of my headers, the theory being, fuckit, let's see how that affects the sound and power out of this thing. I made it about a half mile down the road before I noticed the headers were GLOWING. It really must've been an amazing sight for the cars around me. They'd also expanded a good half centimeter. Keep in mind, this is with baffles that have a 1" passage clear through the middle - relatively little restriction. It's truly amazing my head made it through that bit of genius.

1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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