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A Tribsa cafe racer for the new millenium

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In the november issue of streetfighters magazine (issue 141 in the states - nov 2005). 1959 BSA gold flash frame, 1972 Triumph T140V bonnie engine. kawasaki zx front end parts, zrx1100 rear swinger with zx wheels.
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i like it. i like the swingarm and the lack of front cowl. tail's a little much for me, and i dunno about the green. but other than that, really cool. thanks geeto.

I've been lobbying for a USCRA "Unlimited Vintage" class....vintage engines and frame, unlimited suspension/materials/bodywork/tires/wheels.

In other words...take a vintage engine and chassis...and make it the best it can be made with modern components. I think it would be a killer class. I'd put CBR400RR front end on my bike, Mag/carbon wheels, square section swingarm etc etc.

Would be a way to keep me from getting and RS and dropping vintage racing.
whos your "DADDY" a well put together machine have to have been building bikes a while to come up with this combination or be on line 24 7 to find out what to do .I wonder why color is mentioned its his bike he likes the color who cares about color ..just the bike on the whole its either a cool bike or not you can paint it pink the bike/and workmanship show thru.
hey I wouldn't paint it green either.
its like a mustang GT color its not a bad green.Must look good on a country back road.
it's a bike in england and it is a very english thing to paint everything green (maybe that is why it is its racing color). The tail section is off the old generation triumph speed triple and I am not too fond of it either (it's bigger than the tank for chrissakes).

The problem with a unlimited vintage class is where do you draw the line? Just suspension? aftermarket frames if they are period (rickman, dunstall, etc)? frame bracing? engine mods (Kz engines can be bored and troked to 1200ccs, cb750s can go 1036cc, lets see a brit parallel twin keep up with that, even with a dunstall 910cc norton kit). what about the 2 smokes (modded h2s are the fastest 2 three cylinder engines in drag racing and modded street bikes make over 100 hp)?
re: green: an homage to its kawa roots?

me thinks so!

Geeto...I mean real vintage...GP class, 1969 at the latest.

I'd allow period aftermarket frame or hand made equivilant. This class would not be about easy or cheap. Probably a 500cc cap on displacement. Ala GP of the period.

i always thought you were for modern twin spar aluminum frames, et al...

(example only dudes.....) like taking a G50 and stuffing it into a rs250 chassis.

Hey now, it's cool, same team. I'm not shitting on the green, it's just not what I would have done. To me, color matters. Homeland security has gone too far if I can't express my opinions in an online forum.

there was a triumph green close to that. its tough to tell though through the computer monitor and the camera/lighting.

Geeto...I mean real vintage...GP class, 1969 at the latest.

I'd allow period aftermarket frame or hand made equivilant. This class would not be about easy or cheap. Probably a 500cc cap on displacement. Ala GP of the period.
Time caps present their own problem because you don't get rid of the cb750 (1969) or the kawasaki h1 and h1r (1969). Plus, since the cb750 stayed the same through out the model run does that mean I could run my 70 or 73 or 75? Personally, vintage is 1975 to me (30 years), but hey it is your class. I'm all for it I'm just trying to get a good idea about it. Personally a no holds barred vintage class limited to the 60's would be nothing but brit bikes because there really isn;t anything big enough to battle the 650 triumphs and 750 nortons until the japs got their shit together. plus jap bikes are 1/4 the money to build a race bike and the jap parts are more readily interchangible with the older bikes making it cheaper to build a no holds barred bike.
hello everybody thanks for spotting my tribsa. i shall put some more pics on soon. tribsa can also be found on, under classic fighter in the gallery. alternatively under streetfighter shoot nice piccys you,ll see!!!! with regard to some comments i do own a 1982 kwak 1100 however it is standard red, the tribsa has been painted in a modern flip flop two pack which under different lighting conditions changes from a very light metalic green {a7ss} to agolden beige {a10 polychromatic beige} as on my stock golden flash the pictures taken here sadly only show the pea green which i appreciate is not its best shot and the pics are from the original build shots prior to transfers, it really deserves to be seen in sunlight to be appreciated.sorry to go on so cheers phil
Hey Phil,

I grabbed those images from the TES website, the streetfighters site didn't have any images but I saw the bike in the TES ad in the mag. It is such a cool bike it needed to be posted here. I'd love to know more about the bike like how long it took you to build, and what the creative process was like (why you chose the parts you did, etc...). Thanks for joining the group.
hi again, the whole concept for the build originated from having seen an article in "classic bike guide" of another recently completed special, this was a more tamed version to mine, more in keeping with a traditional cafe racer. my mate had recently just had tes build a fighter so i went to meet alan {builder/engineer}and explained the basic critera which was to isolastically mount the t140 lump into an a10 frame incorporating a tubular monoshocked swingarm using all the modern anciliaries and cycle parts.i own and have always liked the round lines of the a10 so sourced a frame the engine followed as did the lyta tank. the rest evolved over a 12 month period with the knowedge and an eye for detail of alan. cheers phil
sorry, forgot to mention, it also features in 2006 edition and you can find some pics there along with the full spec
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