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Aaron,Dayton 2004

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I forgot I can't run Daytona next year I haven't run 1 AHARMA event yet. Is there anyway around it?
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do beaver run in pitt. i think you can still do it. get in touch with them and they will probably hook you up. as long as you have significant racing experiance, and have been to the schools and shit, they dont have a problem i dont think.

i'll send it to him if he wants it. aaron doesnt like me, so i never hear from him. i use call blocker to call him otyherwise he wont answer my calls either. i have a kick ass picture to put up for you guys. if the weather is good tomorrow, i'll get it and post it. i think you'll dig it.

i dont thihk aaron had done an ahrma race before he did daytona. i could be wrong about that though.

hey john....hows that ducati running???? oh yeah, right, its not....

still riding a running honda, albeit slowly...but never the less...

(were you trying to be mean to me?? or were you trying to say aaron never calls you either?? i cant figure out exactly what your post meant now)

now i feel all bad about putting this post in. unless you were trying to be mean, then you deserve it....jackass.

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hey chuck, i think that song fire by i think it was the doors would be much more appropriate.

aaron, kirsten is always giving me crap about my grey hairs in my wiskers. im usually pretty clean shaven at the track, i like to look nice for you, but at home i let em grow. i sent off diffuser/metering tubes to that guy in maine this a.m. seems like a cool guy.

so really, whats up with johns bike?? no ones talking about it. what gives??

i think if chuck can get out and do the pitt area race, he'll probably be fine for daytona. dont ya think??

i have a friend who i used to work with in boston. she was a model. tall, thin, hot, brunette. a few years older than me. we called her "supermodel". she is the nicest person but sometimes her brain is just shut off. she was flying down to daytona to hang out with some of her friends there for a week or so. she went to logan, got inline, got on the plane, and realized they had let her onto the wrong plane and she was going to dayton, ohio. she had to get another plane from dayton to daytona. the topic just keeps reminding me of that. i have i dont know how many stories like that about her.

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jeeze, now i feel bad. i was just teasing him. oh well, im sure hell have something equally as mean to do back to me.

sorry john.

really? i have talked to chris marshall about it and hes told me id probably be able to do it. but then again ive been hacking around at this for a few seasons now. i think the ahrma site also says something about mid o being the same deal. hmmm.

i wonder what the qualification is if you havent raced with them, but want to race daytona. like where do they draw the line. its also why i said he should contact them also.

still planning on doing summit??

no, but tim stancil is on the board of trustees for ahrma and he lives right around the corner from me. thats about as high as you can go with ahrma. chris is on the rules committe at wera v. hes actually protesting ahrma races now i think. they did give him 1k after his crash though. eh...he's his own guy.

if you ever get down this way, i have to see if i can get you a date at tims place. his garage/shop is amazing. its about a 4 car, 2 stories. he has lifts that pull bikes to the ceiling. he built it just for bikes. tooling welders and such. its in his backyard and its all perfectly landscaped etc..he and chris are pretty good friends. and you should see his race rig....oh my god, custom built deal just for bikes. really cool.

his family was a big flattrack family. they opened and ran the aberdeen race track that ran here for years. he has posters from just about every daredevil and local flattrack race that ever ran here. all of the way back through the 70's id say. they are just plastered all over his garage.

im going to do summit since im not going to come up for the granite state event. lets see, 2 hours to summit, 9 to louden...think you'll be doing any other events this season?? beaver run?? guess youre not doing mosport. either way, hope you can make summit. i'll probably try and do the spring race too. wera is supposed to be on the new track for the summit race in sept. i was told that if they dont get the new track done, which im pretty sure its not, they will be on the main track. so that'll be cool. ive only seen parts of it.

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