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J fwd'd this to me and I had to share, always awesome to find other dirty punkrock kids abusing old honda twins as intended....

"---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
Subject: [vjmc] the five five five

To all,

I submitted a post about a month ago about this small motorcycle club
called the 555. They were riding from Knoxville, TN. to Portland OR. on
machines that are pre-1975, less than 500cc, and cost less than $500.00. I
think @ 11 of them left last Friday morning. I went down to wish them well
and all the bikes but one were either leaking gas, oil, or both. They were
all running though. They were all 350 or 450 Hondas.

They have foam mats to sleep on, some extra tools, and a few clothes. So
far, they have almost made it to the Mississippi River is 2 days. Thats
about 450 miles so far. They have already had electrical trouble and
transmission trouble, but I think they have overcome it.

If anyone is interested, they are updating their progress on their website

I still wish I could have went with them. The funny thing is, is that I
just got 2 Honda 350's yesterday in about the condition of the ones they
are riding. A 1970 CL 350 and a 1971 CB 350."

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quote: So let's set the date for NYC to L.A. or Seattle.
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Stop in Detroit, and pick up catboy and me!

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wish they would of come thru philly (i know...not on the route). i'd would have bought them a few rounds.



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quote:Originally posted by ROSKO

quote:Originally posted by Bret

We gave them a warm welcome here in Portland last night. They'll be waking up around lunch time.
Did Tom/ PDXvinMoto have anything to do with the festivities? I know he had been in touch with them...
Yeah, Tom actually became a vital part of the equation. The group was scheduled to meet up with one of our local bike clubs in town around 8:00pm. Around 6:00pm one of the 555 members had phoned Tom with an SOS. Three of the bikes were broke down 60 miles East of Portland at the summit of Mt. Hood. Tom relayed the SOS via e-mail to the PDXvinmoto group requesting anyone with a truck or trailer to go help. I headed up the mountain and hauled two of them into town. The third was picked up by AAA. All 7 bikes and riders were accounted for and inside the city limits by 9:30pm. An evening full of stories, back slapping and beverage consumption continued into the wee hours. Great guys, cool trip, good times.
Tom also helped organize a dinner party for the PDXvinmoto and 555 guys for this evening. Unfortunately I had prior plans and couldn't do the dinner. I'm sure the 555 website will have full details of the last leg of the trip posted soon.
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