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Advice Welcome, Really

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I have avoided posting on this forum since my last posting Stirred up so much Sh*t (all my fault)I listed my cafe racer on ebay with I feel a very low reserve and it did'nt sell (I know ebay is always a chancy thing) Now I hope that you guys can help me figure out why. I know that caferacers and those of us who build,ride and love them are a (very) small portion of motorcycling in general But $2750 for this Bike, come on thats not to much, is it? Give me some pointers I know I have come across as a "hot headed Jerkward" and even a "fartbag" but I'm not a turdburger and I don't think I want to much for this bike. So tell me what you guys think it's worth or what I should change in the listing. I have relisted it and it starts tonight (11-29-05 9:15pst)with a lowered reserve.

Being shot out of a cannon will always be better than being squeezed out of a tube. That is why God made fast motorcycles, Bubba....
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It all goes back to my vintage Japanese bike formula....take what you have invested in the bike, subtract 60%.....that gives you the probable HIGH price you would get for the bike. More often it will sell for about 30% of the investment.
See....people have to be IN LOVE particular bike/marque to pay more than a $1000 for a vintage Japanese bike.

In the final have a Honda CB360....unless a person is in love with Honda CB360s all the other work doesn't count. Cafe bikes in general appeal to people that are very knowledgable about bikes.....which would in most cases preclude any interest in a CB360. Vintage Japanese bikes are in most cases a bad investment....unless rare, very popular or in Pristine NOS condition. Modified vintage Japanese bikes....well I just can't think of a market that would provide LESS return on your dollar than that.

Lest you think I'm just being negative. I have probably $15,000 invested in a couple of Honda CB175 race bikes.....I'd be very happy to get $3000 for one if I sold it....where as I have a bone stock, low mileage 1965 CB160 than I have about $500 invested in that would probably sell for $1000.

This is going to sound harsh....but I'd be surprised if you get more than $1200-1300 for it. It's a cool looking bike, very nice work...but for the most part it's like trying to sell a very nicely done "Elvis on Velvet" to an audience from the Louvre.

PS. Course if you did some crazy ass paint job on it and sold it as the turdburger'd probably get your price and then some....why, cause you'd be appealing to a whole different crowd.
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Someone offered $2300 and you didn't take it????
Like LilBull says...I do feel your pain. I'm not trying to bring you down or anything... I've just bit the bullet so many time selling these machines that I now know when I'm building one I'm building it for ME.... and selling it isn't a way to recoup any's just a way to free up some shop space and have money for a few trick parts for another bike.

If someone offered me $2300 for my race bike I'd almost think about selling it.....and I'd go right out and by a modern RS125 to race. And $2300 pays for everything from let's see....about the top engine mount to the cylinder base gasket.

Building these things is a hobby, a love affair, an adventure...from an investment point of view a person is better off throwing their money out the window....literally.
For some reason I'm reminded of Tony's famous words...

..."Let me introduce you to my little friend"

Don't know just came to me.

Strangely enough....I bet with a shiny jet black paint job and some stark white Maltese crosses on the tank....would sell like hot cakes. Kinda sounds good to me just thinking about it :)
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