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I have avoided posting on this forum since my last posting Stirred up so much Sh*t (all my fault)I listed my cafe racer on ebay with I feel a very low reserve and it did'nt sell (I know ebay is always a chancy thing) Now I hope that you guys can help me figure out why. I know that caferacers and those of us who build,ride and love them are a (very) small portion of motorcycling in general But $2750 for this Bike, come on thats not to much, is it? Give me some pointers I know I have come across as a "hot headed Jerkward" and even a "fartbag" but I'm not a turdburger and I don't think I want to much for this bike. So tell me what you guys think it's worth or what I should change in the listing. I have relisted it and it starts tonight (11-29-05 9:15pst)with a lowered reserve.

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$2300 for a CB360 and you didn't take it... <img src=icon_smile_dissapprove.gif border=0 align=middle>

Its a CB360. They're a dime a dozen. And yours isn't even complete. Or is it supposed to be missing the mufflers?

<img src=icon_smile_dead.gif border=0 align=middle>

I have a CB450 that I've butchered into a cafe racer. Fun to ride, has some expensive parts on it. When I get rid of it, I'll strip all the nice parts off of it and sell/give it away as a parts bike.
No one would pay what the bike is worth.
Just note that two 360 a stock and a cafed style are selling above 1000 dollars..that same bike alot of guys think worthless.
Well, we think they're worthless because most of us race. And as far as racing goes, they are almost worthless. No one really builds go fast parts for them and they share very few parts with the 350.
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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