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Advice Welcome, Really

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I have avoided posting on this forum since my last posting Stirred up so much Sh*t (all my fault)I listed my cafe racer on ebay with I feel a very low reserve and it did'nt sell (I know ebay is always a chancy thing) Now I hope that you guys can help me figure out why. I know that caferacers and those of us who build,ride and love them are a (very) small portion of motorcycling in general But $2750 for this Bike, come on thats not to much, is it? Give me some pointers I know I have come across as a "hot headed Jerkward" and even a "fartbag" but I'm not a turdburger and I don't think I want to much for this bike. So tell me what you guys think it's worth or what I should change in the listing. I have relisted it and it starts tonight (11-29-05 9:15pst)with a lowered reserve.

Being shot out of a cannon will always be better than being squeezed out of a tube. That is why God made fast motorcycles, Bubba....
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welcome back. no worries from my end. i was the one that ripped you about the 360 motor. i'm a cb350 snob. i race one and occasionally win on one. i bought a 360 back in the day at a swap meet and hoped to throw certain parts into the 350 motor like the six speed trans. was told by an expert cb mechanic that it wouldn't work.

i had that bike in my shop for a couple years. moved it around 1000 times. it ran, i had no love for it so i tried to sell it. i couldn't give it away. now mind you, mine wasn't pretty like yours, it was an ugly dog.

i'm rambling a bit......

the point i want to make is that someone who WANTS a cafe turnkey bike might pay that, but he or she really must want to HAVE that one bike (yours) in particular. then they MIGHT drop $2750.00 for it. it's a bitch when you put that kind of time and expense into something like that and it won't sell for the money you ask. i wouldn't pay that kind of money personally, cause i feel i could build something LIKE it. it would be MINE and i would grow an attachment to it. do you know what i mean? the builders and tinkers are a different breed than say a average bike enthusist.

i wish you all the best of luck. i don't know where you are located, but you might want to try (it's free) before you spend the ebay money and relist it again. also you might try a local college/university/art school. hang a flyer up in a local "biker" hang out or bar.

i hope you come to hang around here more often. we need more fartbags!


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no disrespect to sohc, but a properly tuned 350 would eat the 360 anyday of the week. ask c. marsh about it. why don't you buy it? just think, it's turnkey, now your ready for vir in march.


buy it and race it against me for pink slips.

(no not the one i normally wear)


p.s.- damn rob, a little harsh?
if i ever get an extra coulpe g's i'm buying a modern 250gp bike to sit next to my 125 bike.

the 125 scares me, the 250 has to be frightening.


p.s.- back on all fours, YEAH!
i can dig it!


p.s- still up, but running out of gin!!!
how about if you get your price you sign the tank.

good luck!


how did the 2nd auction go?

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