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I have avoided posting on this forum since my last posting Stirred up so much Sh*t (all my fault)I listed my cafe racer on ebay with I feel a very low reserve and it did'nt sell (I know ebay is always a chancy thing) Now I hope that you guys can help me figure out why. I know that caferacers and those of us who build,ride and love them are a (very) small portion of motorcycling in general But $2750 for this Bike, come on thats not to much, is it? Give me some pointers I know I have come across as a "hot headed Jerkward" and even a "fartbag" but I'm not a turdburger and I don't think I want to much for this bike. So tell me what you guys think it's worth or what I should change in the listing. I have relisted it and it starts tonight (11-29-05 9:15pst)with a lowered reserve.

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you can buy a ducati monster 600 for 3000 bucks. should have taken it dude. i purchased my racer as a bone stock cb with 5000 miles in awesome condition for 100 bucks. after cleanin carbs etc... rode it for 3 years on the street before raping it for the track. doh!!!

shit my cb has a pvl , 750gt front end , brake cool paint and plastic... 500 bucks right??? screw sellin... just horde shit like mike o

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