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I have avoided posting on this forum since my last posting Stirred up so much Sh*t (all my fault)I listed my cafe racer on ebay with I feel a very low reserve and it did'nt sell (I know ebay is always a chancy thing) Now I hope that you guys can help me figure out why. I know that caferacers and those of us who build,ride and love them are a (very) small portion of motorcycling in general But $2750 for this Bike, come on thats not to much, is it? Give me some pointers I know I have come across as a "hot headed Jerkward" and even a "fartbag" but I'm not a turdburger and I don't think I want to much for this bike. So tell me what you guys think it's worth or what I should change in the listing. I have relisted it and it starts tonight (11-29-05 9:15pst)with a lowered reserve.

Being shot out of a cannon will always be better than being squeezed out of a tube. That is why God made fast motorcycles, Bubba....
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Strangely enough....I bet with a shiny jet black paint job and some stark white Maltese crosses on the tank....would sell like hot cakes. Kinda sounds good to me just thinking about it :)
I cannot disagree with any ones statements. Only one fact is not and needs to be added to this equation.

he did get offers up to 2300 for his bike.
all the bikes sold about five cafe styled bikes
around the same time were also sold and they were thinking like you guys were and were very happy (I emailed them and asked) with the price they got....and I consider what they got paid they were happy!!!

The point is ,its really not thought as an investment ,I mean its not like House Flipping ,when we start building these bikes.(and i know I building bikes to sell but its more liesure fun for me I mean im not willing to invest money I cannot get out of the bike )
Harleys Custums are 65,000 for what ...a motor and a frame.I dont think the TV builders build anything "THAT SPECIAL"

But you have to consider..THE MARKET IS CHANGING
Now stop for a minute.....there are tons and tons of signs everywhere.
Case in point go to a modern magazine rack...
Look at all the "FLASH "no "SUBSTANCE" mags that are out there.
The new buyers are YOUNGER ,HAVE MORE MONEY,Spend more money ...and DONT REALLY KNOW, what they are buying. They buy for LOOKS,from watches to clothes to cars to bikes...they dont even know how to ride and they buy a very fast bike and have(because they wouldnt know were to puton what they just bought)a kit to increase power.
They talk about the bike shoot offs and how this bike is so much better because its 2 whole seconds faster when the dont have the ability to even go moderatly fast on the highway.

You have to concider this new group the "I want to look cool and I dont know a Thing about this" the new posers.

They have to be counted in this equation because they are here ,they are growing faster in numbers then we would like.

compact car magazine was a thin no substance mag then exploded for about five years till "FAST AND FURIOUS" came out after the Fast and Furious 2, the body bolt on fad has calmed down but 98.5 percent of those kids had no clue about building they just bought and had some one else put it together.

But its ingrained in the kids now thru video games where you can push a button and build any thing your heart desires.even suspension and engine mods (so they maybe learning where on the car these things go)

I bet if he put that bike on a rotating stand in the middle of mall with a big bow on it and had a auction box to place bids to buy that same 360, he'd get over his asking price.

Just because it looks cool.

So we have to adjust for this new group that are in our CURRENT everday lives now and if you live in a big city, you see it EVERYDAY.
And if you dont get out to the city much, you feel it subtally be the stuff you see on TV.PUT ITS HERE and here to stay.

just go to the magazine stand and flip thru mags on most subjects and you will see all Flash no Substance (a bikini g-string clad cutie draped over or holding something is always a Halmark of this group )is winning the race.

It will be interesting to watch this next ebay round and see what he is offered...again. hey its Christmas.
Id put a huge bow on it TOO!
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yeah I think you started to low again ,look at that bike the 750 he started at 1000 that other honda 360 is for charity and he is trying to make the bike seem like its rare well what ever .
Type in search with space inbetween

cb cafe racer

in ebay to watch this bike and other cafe racer stuff on ebay. Good Luck my friend and where are your pics of rear set you promised fartbag!
johnny, even better than a ghost cross scheeme, around here its purple and green flames. SWEET!

and another thing, we all want a cut if you get more cashola next time around. you know, our advice isnt free, but it is cheap. fartbag. (sorry, couldt help myself)

Just a bit of info to add to others that might be reading this and considering a bike to caffinate. Not all jap bikes are totally worthless, some are quite valuable because of their reputations and building cafe racers out of them will get you at least what they are worth stock. While there might be others, here is my list of jap bikes that you can get at least something out of.

SOHC 1969-1978 cb750. The early 1969-1971 bikes tend to go for a lot of money stock. 69 die casts have seen 10K and sand casts are more (brand new sand casts can be had for $20K). However 1973-1978 SOHC bikes can be had for peanuts (under $1000 in a lot of instances) and when cafe'd out you can get what the early stock bikes are asking. Benji in jersey has proven that through ebay.

Kawasaki H series triple: How could a bike infamously dubbed the "widowmaker" not be valuable. Stock h2 750cc triples can pull in over $10K for really good examples. Yet cafe versions of the bike don't usually see half that. Because they are tempremental a lot of these bikes got parked and forgotten which means that it isn't uncommon to find someone who doesn't really know what he has and releive him of it for a low price. The 500cc triples work in reverse, stock h1 and kh bikes from 1973-1976 can be had for less than $2000 in great shape stock, but cafe'd out they can pull as much as $4500. I have already had a $5K offer for my FZR suspension 74 h1 when it is finsihed (I turned it down). Early h1's because of the look can command h2 prices when stock (espically the 1969-1970 molded tank ones), but cafe versions of these bikes pull in a little less than a stock one. Considering junker 1973-1976 H1s can be had for under $500 bucks these are always a good deal. Beware though, as triple parts can be expensive.

T500 suzukis: Loyal following and it's adaptability to cafe parts make this bike a winner. Two strokes in general seem to do better than 4 strokes in the world fo jap vintage bikes. Probably because they are so oddball by todays standards. A good clean t500 will run you $1500-$3500. One needing work is usually under $1000. I got mine for $700 neededing a right side crank seal but otherwise in good condition. These bikes get the same money stock as they do cafe'd out. Plus there is enough of an aftermarket that you can get some nice used speed parts if you look.

kz900/Z1: Carrying the same mistique as the cb750 you can really do these bikes up. Stock examples can pull as much as $10K but cafe bikes can get a decent price too if done right. Big bore and turbo kits make these monsters espically popular.

RD350/400: the giant killer. reputation for being fast and the muscle to back it up. You can get a really decent stock rd for around $2500. Super clean museum quality stockers go for $5000. The best part is quality cafe bikes command the same money as stockers. Unlike other bikes, followers of the RD are less concerned with authenrtic restorations so much as using the bike as intended. Lost of aftermarket parts mean these bikes can be built in the swapmeet paddock.

Suzuki GS & gsx: I know very little about these bikes except for the fact that they had about a zillion different models with very little interchangibility and that the 1100s were the predecessors to the modern gsxr. Clean stockers go for some nice dosh and cafe bikes of these seem to pull a little less. It is a popular swap in england to put the early oil cooled gsxr motors (1985-1988) in to these frames.

I should add that when I talk abotu cafe racers in the above descriptions I am talking about really well done, heavily modified bikes, and NOT stockers with clubmans. The bikes must at a bare minimum have bars, rearsets, decent paint, excellent detailing. Some can include stock bodywork and seats if the rest of the bike is seriously modified (see my "inspiration post for examples").
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hey one of the guys bidding just bought a 9000 dollar ducati so hopefully he hangs in not sure if susi will turn scared when the price gets over 800 but maybe ducati guy has the money to by it looks like he s also into harleys and guitars so its the right kind of bidder for a Cafe Bike.lets see how long he hangs in there with bids... enter with spaces cb cafe racer if you want to follow this 360 cafe bike bidding.
johnny b its time to sell you bikes on ebey this 360 is back up to 1745.00 already ....Im telling you all have to throw in the NEWEST ELEMENT of buyers..the world is changing before our eyes ,its these little nuances in the market that make big changes and they creep up on you if you dont follow it closely, and one day you say wow what happened you couldnt give them away not to long ago.

Also the bikes all vintage bikes are not as plentyfull anymore the numbers are dwindling dailey.
So this bike is actually a good marketing study in A.old/vintage Bikes have to put it out there in like ebay where its a world market.
C.Models that didnt get recognized before ,will gain a new buying audience. And that is based on the "Trickle Down Theory"

Again it happened in vintage cars the well off guys buy the best ,the above average guy will buy less and the average guy will buy what he can afford not what he truely wants.
example he may lust for a ferrari but buy a MGB GT and be a happy camper .

To me this is all very interesting because bikes are getting into the same arena classic cars did.....and im telling you the knowledgable guys were scatching their heads saying how is that worth that much couldnt give those thinks away .
They also said in hind sight I should have held on to this or should have bought a bunch of that.

So knowledgable bike guys now is your time your window of opertunity to get the bike you want, while they are still cheap time you go looking it will be so far out of reach .

Just look at the number of guys claiming they wouldnt pay over a thousand or if they got a thousand they would be happy ...GUYS the sky isnt falling its tumbiling to earth.SO grab the bikes you want and run for cover.
And if you want to play a little investment game its time.

Remember the gas prices are and will be high there will be another resurgence in alternative transportation bikes always fit that .
Also older guys,this demograph is changed they are older ,healthier,most are devorced and a bike fits into their life style as well ,and so one..the MARKET is changing, nope, TO Late it HAS CHANGED !

also check cb cafe racer completed sales search and look at what sold for how much its a good indicator as well.
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Also the bikes all vintage bikes are not as plentyfull anymore the numbers are dwindling dailey.
So this bike is actually a good marketing study in A.old/vintage Bikes have to put it out there in like ebay where its a world market.
C.Models that didnt get recognized before ,will gain a new buying audience. And that is based on the "Trickle Down Theory"

Me thinks you don't know exactly how many bikes honda put out in the 1970s. It is a staggering amount almost insuring that no 70's honda bike will be rare. Cb750 sales alone were in the millions and that wasn't even their best seller. Old Hondas were so commonplace that you used to be able to buy really nice running ones for $100. Yes eventually hondas will get to be rare but it will probably take another 15-20 years before it happens. It will be a long time before the world starts to run out of cb350s and cb360s.
dont look at them being RARE, its there will be more people in search of these bikes and what happeneds is they get alot of mileadge and crashed and just plain abused and these bikes are out of the market and they account for a good number of bikes out there.
Again dont think of these bikes becoming Rare or even scarce..there will be just alot more people looking for them and there will not be alot of good ones left so its a numbers game and it has already started to change. They will never by RARE or even Scarce, there will just be more people looking and wanting them and thats a big ..adjustment in thinking!Not that a bike will be come RARE ....... the Market just got bigger and they nolonger make these old looking styled bikes anymore.
looks like the other 360 for sale is climbing and the 750doesnt have a bid yet most likely because the owner sounds like he is hard to deal with ,in his discription he states dont ask what my reserve is and dont ask to buy it out side of ebay venue.

Wrong move ....if you have a reserve its best to state your reserve and why you set it there.
Second Id say 65 percent of sales is sold in private before auction ends.

Just note that two 360 a stock and a cafed style are selling above 1000 dollars..that same bike alot of guys think worthless.
Just note that two 360 a stock and a cafed style are selling above 1000 dollars..that same bike alot of guys think worthless.
Well, we think they're worthless because most of us race. And as far as racing goes, they are almost worthless. No one really builds go fast parts for them and they share very few parts with the 350.
the 360 is a cult bike, but not in the same way a 350 for 450 is. I run into quite a few street guys who like those bikes, but not as many as the guys who like the 750s. No bike that runs and drives is ever truely "worthless".

I think if sohc4cafe lived in New York city he would get his price, but then again it is the perfect enviornment for a small bike like that and everything in NYC is overpriced.
whats up Ungawunga how are those bikes coming......
I am aware of the racers here I was just making a point that the market is changing.
Geeto you know they wouldnt lay you off in the summer...youd beable to get some bikes together and ride them then.
The cult in old bikes is growing and new cult bikes will start to be choosen ussually they are based on bang for the buck off beat things.
Just all very interesting to watch as the old bikes shuffle for placement.
I think the 750 will start to go up followed by 650s and the new cult bike will be 450's twins.Doesnt seem to be alot of 350's about much anymore seems to be more 360s around these days.
Seems to be plenty of clubs and resources for just about any four cylinder bike ..but twins just have that lean look to them.

Of course Im just referring to street bikes.And japanese as well.

the italian and british,and german stuff are already collectables .So I scatch them off the watch list.

Its the numerous japanese market that will be moving about.

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Well, since I started this thread I'll respond. I agree with lilBull in that the market is changing as far as taste in bike goes if I wanted to get rid of this bike quickly all I have to do is throw it in the back of my truck because it draws attention anywhere I take it I was more concerned with eBay as a test. It draws attention my last listing drew over 4000 people (cheap fuckers every one)

The desire is there I hope to see the cafe look catch on I doubt it will ever be main stream like other styles (Cafe'ers don't need to compensate like other limp and flaccid people) and there is also a general lack of familiarity with the style in general.

I'm 29 years old, very few people(in my age group)know what a cafe racer is. As more of them get exposure through various sources the demand will go up and the style will become more in demand. Because after all building a cafe racer is a design and style study that is done by enthuiasts. But I'm preaching to the converted in this forum.

Being shot out of a cannon will always be better than being squeezed out of a tube. That is why God made fast motorcycles, Bubba....
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Do you have a wiring diagram to show how the total loss ignition works? It sounds like a good way to get rid of all that battery weight.


how did the 2nd auction go?

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