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After the thoughts of others about this bike.

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I wasn't really looking for another bike but I came across this one locally.
Its a early Yamaha XJR 1300.
55000 miles, Top end rebuilt 3000 miles ago. $6500 aud
A bit expensive but I couldn't build it for that.
What do you all think?
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Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Vehicle
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This is what the seller says.
New Mikuni Flat side carbs, tuned and balanced Heads flowed Factory looking but completely modified exhaust Dyna 2000 high performance ignition module and coils Barnett heavy duty clutch kit installed Quick shift
Does it run great throughout or is he making excuses that it might need more tuning work?
All that carburetor and engine intake work and expense and then they guy sticks cheap little paper pod filters on the mouth of each carburetor, he might as well run open carburetors which never really works good.
The 1300cc engine is hugely powerful so you're right, judging the engine performance is not easy, but fuel economy and consumption is still a good indicator if his modifications have improved performance or just made it eat more fuel.
Guessing he is not receptive to test rides and probably does not have a recent dyno test chart to show you.
The mikuni manual shows a trichter on every carburetor they show. Trichter means 'funnel'
lol goodie, they give you 30 dollars worth of paper filters that will last at least until the first time they get wet.
Since it's a genuine Mikuni kit, I doubt that they would be $30 paper filters.
" Having to raise the carbs negates the use of the standard air-box, where there’s 4 cloth/paper dry type automotive pod filters included."
Dry paper air filter is nothing like an oiled K&N filter made from felt.
Mikunioz is a Mikuni distributor not the parent company.
Oiled filters are near waterproof, filter better and serviceable. There is nothing stopping you from putting a large foam oiled cylindrical filter (with a flame screen) over any velocity stack stock or aftermarket and that will net you a much better air intake system. They sell 4 lengths of stack for those carbs alone just so you can tune it for the service needed.
Looks like it would be a nice sport touring ride from here :cool: with a few small upgrades.

... is that tiny cylindrical pod filter under the carbs the only vent for the crankcase? That would get changed immediately.
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:unsure: ever see an engine run great with an open carburetor? for sure it's going to run slightly better then one trying to breath through wet paper, but you're still missing the opportunity to tune the intake & I bet you get to see raw fuel spray at the mouth of the carburetors when it's running and you throttle up.
Air filters rarely get wet when they are located in a well designed air box. Open pods, good luck with that, water rapidly destroys treated filter paper. Same with paper fuel filters, once it gets wet with water it stops working.
Monsoon is a normal weather condition, I'm in one right now. Open to the elements paper pods will need to be parked indoors for weeks on end, or replaced repeatedly. Paper filters on a crankcase vent is just silly, that would need to be replaced daily.

... it's been 2 weeks @gt alex so did you view it, test it or buy it ? :cool:
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