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air tech airstreamlining not so TECH

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I called air tech airstreamling to order parts from their web sight the email didnt work the parts they had for reasonable prices when I called to order them ,they were twice as expencive, said"we are JUST (yeah right) in the process of up dating the site " well this day and age most people use the net more than anything so there is a new priority in place ...they should keep their web site up to speed if thats you business tool.I have their site in favorites and have been eyeballing these parts sure blows the budget so be careful and call for the real prices.
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I've bought quite a bit of stuff from AirTech....they freakin blow...I avoid them at all costs these days. Unless they have something I absolutely can't get anywhere else. Their products are of marginal quality also...not the worst I've seen, but pretty crappy.
branson.... stop buying crap. you are sponsered anyway.

I used buy that AirTech stuff...IN THE OLD DAYS...before I found guys that do much better work. With the initials....MATT.
Bull I have a source fo better fiberglass for honda stuff. e-mail me and i'll give up my "secret" sources.

i hate airtech. they suck ass. their shit shatters on contact (got it, shatters, not breaks, fucking explodes)......

customer service skills suck, unless you get the owner kent(?).

had too order a replacement panel for a piece of bodywork for my fz600. couldn't do anything else since i had the rest of the airtech kit new except for that panel.

got it and paid too much in shipping, fuck!

i think tannermatic is the way to go. his f'ing shit can grind and still hold liquid.

tannermatic is the snizzle.


p.s.- sponsorship?
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I got all Tannermatic on both the race bikes now. Super secret experimental items.

Why...cause he's one of my sponsors.
i think you are in tex. you just got to let me know what ya need.

matts stuff is pretty cool. and you should always support the racer, and small guy. matt, just dont let frank find out. now i have to go start making some money for a new tank and seat.

anybody have contact info for tannermatic? What bikes do they make for?

As for Airtech, if they are advertising the prices on the web, technically they can be held to that price since it is a form of advertising, and it borders on bait and switch tactics. If you really wanted to be nasty you could report them to the Attorney General in cali for these business practices, but it doesn't solve your parts problem.

I used to recommend them because for the longest time they were the only company making cr750 parts for the cb750 and also because they claim to have the old greasy dick molds made from an original cr750. Now there are other companies who make the tank with better quality for less money but not so many make the fairing. The only thing I ever bought from them was a tracker style seat which was quite durable and lasted a long time on my bike before I traided it to a friend. They are still the only company making fiberglass parts for a lot of obscure bikes, and some of their artistic stuff is pretty neat, but if you can get it somewhere else for cheaper than by all means.

I will mention however that they are also one of the few fiberglass companies that will produce any of their parts in carbon fiber (for a hugh extra cost of course). Can you imagine how badass it would be to have a carbon fiber cr750. I get a woodie just thinking about it.
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Tannermatic is just our ball busting name for products made by our own Matt Tanner (aka Monkey on this forum).
He's a fellow racer and excellent glass/CF's his profession. He ain't cheap...but he'll do one off custom stuff of great quality. I can't speak about his street parts cause I've never ordered any...but his race parts are the lightest and strongest stuff I've used.
Off hand I'd say his prices are on par with AirTech..but quality is much better. And unlike AirTech...if you have the time and money he'll sometimes replicate your parts in glass. Which I assume is a tremendous pain in the ass since you have to make molds etc.
I like to spend my money closer to home, particularly on racebike stuff, so that if I have a problem I can get some face time with the supplier, rather than get the west coast runaround.

Last time I called airtech about stuff on their website was when I started racing flattrack, back in '99, and it was the same website then as now....

Yeah. Matt's the best. I'm currently putting his kid thru private school. ;)

Cheers, A.D.
so there are two glass guys here Bret "glass from the past" and Monkey whats monkeys site address..I searched Tannermatic and all I got was a ADULT _SPANKING DEVICE what a contraption you strap your girl friend to this table and this series of paddles whips decend on her poor bare buttocks.....So please give my virgin eyes a break and tell me this web address of monkey
yeah, that IS matts website. you have to send a picture in before he'll make anything for you.

of your buttocks!

yeah dude

you gotta spank it for me for the free goods.....
nah no high tech web sites cause moto parts don't pay shit. branson is spot on with the hourly rate we are worth... about 37 cents. if i quit my day job to supply moto parts to the world i would have to make about 70 grand a year to bank roll my whole program. i can't quit my day job... but i love to bust out freaky parts for friends. pretty much can obliterate anything out there strength and lightness wise. i hate talkin shit about myself but it is true.

my rieju tank and tail section weigh in at 4 lbs total. pretty funney when ya consider a two lb tail is replacing a 20 plus lb subfame plus the heavy plastic bodywork and seat...yatta yatta yatta

bransons tanks are alittle over 2 lbs each... whats is a stock tank... 15 lbs. ha ha i hate stock tanks. **** bike gay shit.

geeto... if ya got a project... i may consider it for the riight price.... but get in line. these guys are animals and get pissed if i don't deliver. frank is going to kill me. but i am in no rush cause i hink he wants a free bee. ??? whats up with that?


joe.. email me with your needs. we will hook it up. you get the 25 lb tank though. ha ha

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25, you told me it would be 30lbs!


maybe joe will have to buy that 360 to show me what's up!

tex "stirrin' the snizzle" mawby
Matt.....ever been by Frank's shop?

He can make you anything dude...anything. About a dozen big ass CNC machines. If he wasn't thinking money....think trade. Alloy fork clamps, a slew of replica rear set parts. He can't be expecting them for free...I'm sure he knows how much work it is...and messy, unhealthy work too.

These old timers are cagey gotta talk price before anything else :)
tex, hasnt anyone told you? my tanks are full of concrete. mike o said that was the rule. if youre under 40, you have to fill your tank with concrete. dont worry, i'll fill yours up next race.

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