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Short answer:

a) not with out major mods
b) dual disc makes a huge difference on these bikes. I don't think the stock cb750 single disc is even as good as modern car brakes.
c) you can probably get about that for iton ebay so value wise it is an ok deal - as far as value for you I would hold out.

Long answer:

The Goldwing front end you want is the 1975-1976 GL1000 with the spoked rim. It uses the same stem as the cb750 but upgrades you to dual disc, 37mm forks, aluminum rim, and a more stable - less tankslapper happy wider front end. Plus your front rim will match the back. You will need the entire front end from the trees to the clamps including the brakes. The front end is a little longer than the cb750 but most guys fix that by sliding it up through the trees and using clipons mounted on top.

There are plenty of machine shops that could help you get the 84 goldwing to fit but you would be stuck with a comstar front rim. If you don't mind the comstar (there are advantages like tubless tires) then I would jsut get a 1977-78 cb750F supersport front end and use that instead since it will fit your existing trees. YOu will need the entire front end from forks to tire since nothing is interchangible between the comstar and spoked front ends.

make sense?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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