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Aluminium clear coat.

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I've clear coated most of the polished aluminium, smaller bits, just have the wheels to finish. Unfortunately, the clear coat dulls the shine quite a bit. Funny stuff to spray on polished aluminium: I had to spray a very light coat first, give it a few minutes then hit it again with a heavier coat so the paint would pool and flatten out. Still a bit of orange peel though, particularly on the triangular engine mount. The clear coat doesn't behave the same over painted surfaces, just polished aluminium, very disappointed in the finish. I may not clear coat the wheels as they'd be hard to get the clear to pool, there's a very fine line between pooling and a run. Float coating seems to just run and build up on the edges.


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What clear coat are you using? There are a couple of aluminium-specific clear coats out there. AlumaClear (not sure if it's available in Oz) and Protectaclear. But looking at your aluminium polishing thread, I'm sure that you already know about these products.

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