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Aluminum 18" rims - 3.50, 2.75, 2.50, 2.15, 1.85, 36h & 40h, Akront & Borrani

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Aluminum 18" rims - 3.50, 2.75, 2.50, 2.15, 1.85, 36h & 40h, Akront & Borrani

Clearing out some shop space, I found myself with double the amount of aftermarket high performance wheels & rims vs. the amount of project bikes that I have...

These need to be put to good use by upgrading your bike's anemically skinny stock heavy steel rims to wider 18" rims so you can run more performance-oriented better-looking tires safely and effectively,
and also to get rid of that big clunky 19" front to upgrade to more sporty steering on your bike by converting to 18" front to reduce excess steering trail & shed a bit of unsprung rotating weight...

Here's what I have for sale:
Akront TR 3.50x18 40h deep drop center flanged sidewall dimpled spoke hole NOS cosmetic blem rear safety bead rim
(shop showed me where the rim got stuck in the buffing machine too long and cause a visible flat spot in the mirror finish on the deep drop center in one place)
Borrani 2.50x18 flanged shouldered deep drop center dimpled spoke hole front rim, used, scratched up but will clean up.
One spoke hole was elongated on outside-only (inside still is same diameter) by an idiot dismantler who was having trouble removing the lead crimp-on-spoke type tire balance weights, & gouged out the rim a bit cosmetically in the process.

Buying new Excel deep drop Center dimpled front+rear rims in these sizes would cost you $536.98

Asking $260+shipping

These would make for a KILLER high performance KZ650, Z1, KZ1000, etc... Kaw's use 40 spoke rims primarily. I ended up buying an identical set of these but with a 4.25 rear rim so that I can run Bridgestone BT-016 Pro Hypersport radial tires 150/70-18 & 110/80-18 for my Rickman CR900 retro-racer project for maximum tread contact patch.

(EDIT - I have a local friend who may be interested in these, if you want dibs, speak sooner rather than later please)

Akront-Morad "TC" 36h, dimpled spoke holes, front & rear set
2.15x18 front
2.75x18 rear

NOS - rear is 1978 Akront, front is newer official reproduction version 2003 Akront/Morad, both are same model TC rims, both brand new NOS.

Similar size brand new Excel Rims from Buchanan's cost $469-$525 for the set...
Generic skinnier non-DOT-approved Chinese rims from MikesXS in one size skinnier each rim run $200/set. With these you get the highest name brand quality, DOT-approved street legal& safe, + wider rims by 1 or 2 sizes each rim, so you can safely run wider tires without ruining your bike's handling by squeezing a fat tire on a skinnier-than-approved rim.

$325 + shipping

36 spoke fits XS's & Suzuki GS's (not sure if Honda used 36 or 40 spokes on CB's etc).
(I ended up getting a 3" rear rim and identical front to this for my track day bike as 3" is the maximum size for WERA Formula 500 class.)


Borrani 1.85x18 high shouldered 40 spoke alloy rim, well used but will clean up, this was OEM on a Rickman CR road racer dual disc front wheel. Going 2.50x18 on Rickman CR to run BT-016 Pro radials.

$55 + shipping (new Excel shouldered/dimpled rim = $242, new Borrani = $285)

DOES NOT INCLUDE spokes or hub pictured!!!
Allow me a few days to un-lace this wheel as I still need the spokes & hub for my Rickman CR project.


Akront "TR" 2.15x18 36 spoke flanged dimpled rim, NOS.
similar new Excel rim from Buchanan's is $234 new.

I won't mind if this doesn't sell as it would be a good upgrade for my wife's GS550 front, to match the Excel 3.00x17 I laced up on the rear.

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The 36h 2.75x18 / 2.15x18 Akront TC set:
Rim Tire Wheel Automotive tire Auto part

Rim Circle Wheel

Rim Metal Spoke

Rim Metal Tire Automotive wheel system Auto part

the 36h 2.75/2.15 set has generated some interest already as well. No done deal on either set yet, however. The two singles are up for grabs still.

I also have an old Morris Mag wheel with a Rickman bolt pattern sprocket carrier and disc rotor pattern. Cush drive side had been permanently welded on, no cush drive. 18"x2.15 or maybe 1.85? Can;t remember. Will sell cheap.

Also have 2 Rickman style dual disc hubs, Italian superbike brand Scarab-Mozzi-Moto. MV Agusta 750 Sport, Ducati GT SS Desmo, BiMoTa etc N.O.S. unused. One is missing a threaded in piece. other has this piece and NOS bearings with 45+ year old grease that has dried up solid. Both are same hub, I'm guessing the rear was different, but could be used as a front and rear set if you have a machinist friend or a rotory table and some sort of mill and some aluminum stock to fab adapters or just get custom sprockets and rotors.
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Here's the wider widths 40 hole Akront TR 3.50x18 40h & Borrani 2.50x18 Kawasaki etc set,
can run 130/70, 140/70, 150/70-18 rear tires and 100/90-18 or 110/80-18 fronts
(I know people squeeze 100/90's onto stock fronts but on the wider rims, they are a FAR BETTER FIT with much better cornering lean transitions and far greater tread contact patch and width).
Product Rim Wheel Metal Tire

Rim Wheel Metal

Rim Wheel Tire Alloy wheel Spoke

Rim Wheel Spoke Automotive wheel system Metal
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Here's an ebay exact rear match to my Borrani Record 40 spoke front, in a WM4 2.50x18 Record rear rim:

With these you could run a 90/90-18 or 3.25-18 front tire and a 120/90-18 rear, and have much better tread contact patch, as well as faster steering due to increased rake steepness and decreased trail.

And here's my Borrani Record WM2 1.85x18 40 spoke front rim from a Rickman CR:
Spoke Rim Wheel Bicycle wheel Bicycle tire

Spoke Rim Alloy wheel Wheel Tire

Rim Spoke Wheel Tire Automotive wheel system

(HUB AND SPOKES ARE DEFINITELY NOT INCLUDED, EVER! Unless you are trying to talk me out of my semi-rolling Rickman CR900 chassis project...which could be for sale potentially if you really are searching for a hot rod or race bike project Rickman, frame is modified, not stock, modifications needs bronze welding jobs touched up as the fillet brazing done does not meet my aesthetic approval)
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Here for sale on ebay is a decent rear match to my 2.15x18 36h Akront TR, in a 3.00x18 36 spoke rear:

Here's my 36 spoke hole Akront TR 2.15x18 rim. This is the same as most stock GS1000 rear rims but highly polished, although a rare select few had 2.50x18's. This size is an upgrade to most front wheels. I'd use it as a rear on a smaller bike like a 400 twin, as well.

Rim Tire Wheel Automotive tire Auto part

Wood Metal Oval

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And here's a 2.15 rear match to my 1.85 front 40 hole Borrani Record if you were looking for stock-ish widths, or 1 size up on a small twin with 1.6/1.85 factory rims (difficult to get much selection of good tires for those anemically skinny stock sizes)

All of the 40 hole rims are sold.

I still have the 36's for sale, but don't mind hanging onto them as they will all work for the correct spoke angles for Suzuki GS hubs, so I'll probably take some of my spare rusty stock steel rim wire spoked wheels & upgrade them to these rims, unless someone here wants them badly. I have bunches of 2.50-18/3.50-18 GS aftermarket DID & Sun rim wheelsets already, but I do have a fleet of 77-79 GS project bikes...

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