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You probably know all that is to know about high-quality motorcycle helmet constructions and new and improved models on the market, but what about the materials they are made of. Which of them it is better to choose when it comes to safe and comfortable riding on your bike? In the article mentioned in this post, we will discuss all the advantages and disadvantages each of the materials could have.

Our in-house technical consultant and knowledgeable expert wrote this article to make it easier for the customers to make an informed decision when choosing a new helmet. Any helmet consists of the inner liner, inner Styrofoam layer, and hard outer shell. The shell is arguably the most important part of a motorcycle helmet that needs to withstand great forces and disperse the energy of impact over a larger area to prevent cracking. Click on the link below to learn more.

What Material Choices Are There in Motorcycle Helmet Construction?

Some of the helmets featured in the article as examples:

NEXX Helmets® - X.G100R Motordrome Full Face Helmet -

X-Lite® - X-803 Nuance Ultra Carbon Full Face Helmet -

Cyber Helmets® - US-39 Solid Full Face Helmet -

NEXX Helmets® - SX.60 Vintage2 Open Face Helmet -

NEXX Helmets® - SX.60 Cruise Open Face Helmet -

Go to the product page for more information.
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