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Just another dead least he went out on a good note!

The dangers of riding a motorbike while severely inebriated and wearing a condom were never more evident than this story of a fatal accident which took place at around 3:00am on Tuesday morning.
A 35 year old Thai man was pronounced dead at the scene by police who had been called to Sukhumvit Road in Naklua to investigate a strange accident. The dead man had come straight across Sukhumvit road on his motorbike, crashed into the concrete barrier in the centre of the road, was thrown over the barrier and into the path of an oncoming truck. The driver of the truck was unable to stop or swerve in time and ran straight over the motorbike rider, killing him.
The driver of the truck stopped and was interviewed by police, but no further action is expected to be taken against him. According to reports, the dead man had been drinking heavily at a nearby karaoke bar. He had then left the bar, mounted his bike and roared off in the direction of Sukhumvit road where he met his demise. At the accident, rescue workers were surprised to find the dead man was wearing a condom, although we are not sure if it was new or pre-loved. They surmise the man may have been in a state of some excitement which was why he was riding so fast and failed to notice the concrete barrier.

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