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you can fix need a large throat vise grips you can find them at harbor frieght or home depot.stick on side in the tank and a board or some thing straight over the dent adjust and clamp vise grips unclamping and moving the end around to you get the dent popped out reasonably well and just taking your time you can get it as close as you have patience for.

then some filler ,use a walmart body work file to get the first wipe smoth and down quick in its semi hard state ,liagtly as it gets harder you cand file harder but when its jelly like is the best time and easiest to work filler.the second coat use 80 grit .anothe wipr of filler and you should see your tank as fixed .sand with 150 grit.
then another thin wipe of filler use 150 again and then 220.then some primer.block that out and you saved your self the cost of a tank.

Its the pro that can dust himself off and get thru a can do it it happens to the best of us.fix it and you will learn alot more.

Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first.
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