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Not trying to stir the handle bar pot more, but I have a question.

I would like to put lower bars on my giro bike--Honda CA160, a mini dream. Not Geetos gay clubmans, but something that will lean me forward a bit more than the stock buckhorns.

The problem is that the throttle cable goes in thru the handlebar and the end fits into a long(4 or 5 inches)slot in the handlebar and the inside of the grip has a ridge that fits into the slotted cable....

So, do any of you guys know of a source for this type of bar. I was hopping the bars from a CB160 were this way, but I only know one guy with one (George DeCamp) and he said HIS was not that way.

Does the CB77 have those type bars? I had one in the early 70's, and even changed bars, but can't remember.

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