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I added one to my collection today, kinda stoked. 72 GT550, Tracey one piece body, funky ass 70s flame job, chrome chambers, 4 leading shoe front brake, clip ons, supposedly ran last summer. No title, but that's not a big deal in Iowa.

A guy I know from the Kawasaki board hooked me up with this deal. The seller is a dragracer, I'm in the middle of a major rennovation at my carwash so I told him that I didn't have time to come look at it but if he'd get it to the track I'd have a buddy check it out. So the first time I actually saw it was on the trailer at my shop. 300 bucks to my door, I think I'm into it right<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

This might be the one to do a frame up on. I like my other 550 just the way it is, kinda crusty. I see this one painted either Captain America/Eivel Kneivel or super funky 70s psychedelic. I'll try to get some pics.

04 KDX 200
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87 FZ 600 basket case
75 GT 550
68 Chevelle- trade for front motor digger
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