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I got back from ridin' what passes for twisties up herein wisconsin on my 80 goldwing interstate... And I'm lookin' in the dark corner of the garage and i'm looki'n at my 72 cl 175 stocker I call my "turtlechaser".. and i'm thinking..I find groupw racing and start to learn about the 200gp class and i'm lookin at the turtlechaser I figure i'll go street-legal cafe( lo buck and do it myself for the fun, ) i'll fiberglass a cafe seat ,maybe a tank and fairing... She's down to the bare frame, black rusrtoleumed. just changed fork seals and removed the boots( all the cool race 175s i've found pictures of run without boots. I don't know who owns this one but his is what I'm shootin for:,

Any way clubmans got here today, picked up shift lever, brake lever and pegs to buld rearsets at a swapmeet last's my


Probably cut off the 2-1 stock muffler and add two jc whitney baffles.( anybody have another idea
for the scrambler ( hi pipe )exhaust?
use foam pod filters
what do you think?
I'll post more a things progress...
they're cheap-fun,fast enough, and handle like a bicycle.

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Hi Ace,
I spend my summer not too far down Hwy 29 from you. I am just north of Menominee off 25. I will be back in about 3 weeks. I am planning on going to Grattan, MI in June for the Ahrma weekend. If you are really planning on racing 200gp, you should checkit out. If you are not ready to race this year, It would be a nice ride over on the Wing through the UP and down to Grattan. It is just north of Grand Rapids.

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