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Shifter: Some folks just re-mount the shift lever 180 degrees from stock and use the passenger peg mount. This cheap and easy way gives you a "GP" shift pattern (1 up, 4 down). A little weird getting used to it, but it works.

Brake: Yeah, you're going to have to fab something. Some modern sportbike pegs have the setup you are looking for (mid 90s gsxr/katana, and fz 600's -- somebody on here can verify this as I'm sure there are even more). What you want is a peg-through-lever design where the lever rotates on the peg mounting shaft and the brake/shifter linkage mounts to the lever using a heim (swivel) joint. Aftermarket rearsets all operate with this basic design. If you can find a set, the good news is you can mount both sides and eliminate the need to rely on the GP shift pattern mentioned above.

By the way, regardless of what setup you use, you will have to bend up some steel rod to make the brake linkage. (The DS7 is not a cable rear brake is it?) Also, making a functional rear brake light switch is probably more trouble than its worth.

Milled pistons? Not sure exactly what you are talking about.

Honda go sideways!
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