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1) look for older honda sport bikes with steel tanks and just cut the whole tank section out. With sprotbike gas caps they are all proprietary and you will have to use the cap that goes with it. some bikes have plastic covers over the tanks (fzr600s), stay away from those. You want mid 1980's kawasaki ninja caps or 1990s cbr600 f2/f3 caps.

2) How about you seal the tank with a sealer after you weld? Makes your life a whole lot easier. you will always get a cold lap near the start because the metal is cold when you start the welding. Houw about you gently heat it with a propane or oxy torch before you start your weld. Think sheet tanks warp easy so you may be better off stich welding the tank and then sealing it with redkote. BTW be very careful welding gas tanks, make sure you always have air traveling through it and sometimes it even pays to have water in the tank.
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