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Antigravity 4cell on CB450?

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I’m trying to decide between the antigravity 4cell and the 8cell. I have a 73 CB450 and I want to use the electric start for it. Will the 4 be enough? I’d prefer the 4 over the 8 due to the size.
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I got the ricks motor sports reg/rec that goes to about 14.2. I just wanted to know if the 4cell is strong enough to start my 450.
I would try E-mailing the battery manufacturer. You will need to be able to tell them the cranking amps needed and the alternator output. Would also be nice to give them measurement for the space you have. . We have doing this by direct contact with the US supplier for one of these companies for about ten years now. We are using lithium batteries in all our racers from a 1980 Moto Guzzi to a 2015 Yamaha R-6 with only one fail. The fail was with my Triumph 2004 Thruxton daily rider. The Triumph cooked two batteries in a row. Back to lead/acid.

I will tell you that one of the smallest lithium batteries that I could find starts a V-twin Superhawk engined bike over and over and has for the last four years. Now this engine is always in top tune so it starts quickly but as long as you flip the key to on and let it warm up before you try and spin the starter it cranks right up turning over rather quickly.

One last thing as I am in no way the authority these super light batteries. I always put the bikes on a charge when they are parked (street bike, race bike, doesn't matter. Nor does it matter how long they are going to sit) and I always use a lithium specific charger on the lithium ones, Just saying use the right tool for the job.

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On a warm summer day with a full charged fairly new extremely expensive battery, no problem cranking it over if the bike starts and runs well.
Cold weather or an engine that doesn't turn over easy as it should or add a bunch of lights and a horn, then that 4-cell might leave you stranded.

That's an awful expensive way to save a couple of pounds on a motorcycle that was built very heavy to begin with and it's hard to imagine you can't find room for a full size battery in that steel hoop frame. I'd be putting a lead acid battery in that ride and put the extra 100 bucks into tires or a chain or something useful, the tiny battery is going to buy you nothing.
Batteries and the people who use them;
Just one other plus on the modern lithium batteries (here I will admit that we get a crazy good deal on our batteries thus why I've not mentioned a brand) is that you can put them almost anywhere pointing in any direction and as long as you get the positive hooked to the red wire you're good to go.
Like anything new you need to learn their unique issues such as they work better when given time to warm up but I for one think the plus side should be considered.
Price wise when I compared them to the top of the line L/A batteries they aren't all that bad. Remember cheap Lead/acid leak and need distilled water that needs checking. LOL also you need to consider how much less it cost to ship a lithium 1.2 lb. battery.
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