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You all should have been there. I had problems with both of my bikes and didn't get any quality track time at all. The CB350 had electrical problems masquerading as carberation and the Seca 550 just wasn't really ready to race yet. The 550 had jetting and suspension issues. The track had some new patches and sealer on it. Then the weather got scarey on sunday so we skipped practice ande started right out with racing at 9:00 am. I could have used the practice time.
I still had a great time.

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Sorry i missed you...had all manner of technical, financial, emotional, and transportational mishaps at the last minute. A friend who's into economics termed these things "barriers to entry." Barriers indeed. He says it gets better....

My girlfriend and I stopped by on Friday and caught the last round of practice sessions. And I totally forgot to look for you.

One of my shopmates took 3rd in Production Lightweight on Sat (and ran outta gas in the Sunday morning rush), another friend was run off the track by some douche on a RS running in the wrong group on Friday morning.

Looks like a fun track.

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