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I'm looking for any aftermarket or factory optional speed parts for a '73-'75 Kaw F11 250cc enduro bike. I get the impression they used to be used in competition here and there, so there might be expansion pipes, ported cylinders, things like that out there.

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the f11m was the mx bike a lot lighter better handling machine
f11 based engine
it was the first -piston port single that kawasaki heavy industries put into production at least that is what i remember reading in dirtbike magazine in 73 or so

it did have fine trail manners was better handling and better power than an early dt1 but the dt1 by 73 had 3 years ealier in 70 adopted a reed valve and been refining that tune since 1970
so it was already quite dated in its first year
i am not aware of any kit speed parts
bore and stroke is just a couple mm diff than a dt1 myn point being the dty1 had lots of info on hop-up kit partsv etc
so if you put the f11 ex port timing close to a dt1 gyt kit barrel the pipe would work nicely
dont forget the cumbustion chamber it has to be squish and volume optimizeed before you start toying with port timing pipes etc
i have the dt1port timing plan in modded gyt formula and pipe dimensions as well
if you are not savy to the terms or mods ,study up,make an effort to learn why and how it will be great fun for you
a 2stroke single is by far the best type of engine modifying or hop up for a novice tuner/wrench/rider
if you study first read books
its easy making correct changes one or at most ma7be 2 steps at a time c an easily be done without the complexity of a 4 stroke
every time you do a correct mod you will really feel it
look for a webco head you may need to drop $400 on one but do it anyway
eric gore has the squish deal down pat
jemco for a chamber
the f11m used a button magneto for quick revs
dont do that leave a heavy flywheel 0n it
a zip zappy motor with that 5 lbs less on the crank takes a pro to ride in anything but perfect loamy soil
the rare very limited production f11m only was for a season maybe 2 then it was on for the kx moniker
peter lampu and brad lackey were f11m pilots f11m.jpg
you may have heard of bad brad lackey
the usa's first world mx gp champion and in the 500cc big boys class
i can testify to his speed as i raced against him one time in a hare scrambles race
it was chock full of very fast experts ,expert pro's mx and offroad,i was doing well in AMA disrtict 36 and the west coast rounds of the extensive long ama national championship enduro ,and almost lapped the entire field of 0-200cc expert A , final day, 15 minute mx moto grass track(laid into a voluptuous hillside virgin grassy glade ,slippy ? ya think?) special test at the trask mountain 2 day isdt qualifier in 87 on my highly sleeper modified by xb KDX200 86 at
5'7'' 170 it was for me more than the perfect woods weapon it was like cheatting
new sharp metzeler knobbies every event is a huge key to magic
a 300 mile knobbie does not even stand a chinamans chance against a new one
i am betting race slicks and dot race tires are similar
,i was very fit and as fast as anybody in brutal jersey shredding single track and steep steep climbs or drops,make a novice puke steep shit
i got the holeshot on the entire 40 bike field
if you have never holeshot am mx type start it is the most blissful happy time you can have on a motersickle
the once cacophonous helter skelterness of the flag drop is replaced by almost silence,only the sound of the machine under you and it feels like floating on pure joy,man ,instantly you are the winner
until of course 300 yards later,the exit of the first turn when bad brad wheelies past looking over at you,clutch hand mockingly waving,see ya ! and deftly kicking the shifter thru the gears throttle cable tight as a nun's panties,on a clapped out ,85 yz490 which soon almost rips you apart from the incredible shear volume of roost ,sharp clods and fragged shalerock
lol lackey was i'guess he was the team leader in retirement of the red neck rooster mc club
and from memory they all had a rubber chicken lashed to the top of their helmets
or sdomething lol............ those fuckers new how to have a good time
no booshit my buddy who pitted for me has it all on video tape
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